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About Vertical de Aviación

As a U.S. DoD CARB approved Mi-17/Mi-8 and BaE Aerospace Jetstream J-32 carrier, Vertical operates 30 Mi-8 MTV-1 helicopters and 4 Jetstream J-32’s in Colombia and Afghanistan. Operations consist of cargo and personnel transportation, HAZMAT, provisions, external cargo and long line cargo. High altitude, hot humid weather operations are challenges we face constantly and train for routinely. Most of our aircrews are retired military pilots who undergo recurrent proficiency training twice a year at our Flight School in Bogota. In Afghanistan we currently have a robust deployed operation providing contract airlift support to US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army LOGCAP IV, and OSD/CNTPO. In Colombia, US Southern Command and Special Operations Command South have relied on Vertical’s rapid response for many years. We have flown over 6,000 hours in the past 4 years in support of the US DoD and US DoS. Vertical is ready to take on new challenges around the world with our team of experienced personnel, and our reliable and capable Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters and the Jetstream J-32 fixed wing aircraft.


Our participation and experience in national and international projects includes:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan
  • US Army LOGCAP IV, Afghanistan
  • Office of Secretary of Defense/Counter-Narco-Terrorism Program Office, Afghanistan
  • Operation Willing Spirit, US SOUTHCOM/SOCSOUTH, Colombia
  • Construction of the Caño Limon – Coveñas Pipe line (773 kms).
  • Construction of the Central Pipeline of Colombia – OCENSA (780 kms).
  • Construction of the Pipe line in Puerto Berrío Neiva.
  • Exploration of fields and perforation of oil wells with ECOPETROL, Colombia, as well as those located in the sea (Chuchupa).
  • Recovery of aircraft. (Intercontinental Airplane at Maria La Baja, SAM Airplane at El Burro Hill, American Airlines Airplane in Cali, Ecuatoriana Airplane in Bogota).
  • Rescue and recovery Operations in areas affected by natural disasters. (Armero, the earthquakes in Haiti, Armenia, and the Canon of the Páez River.)
  • Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Mines for monitoring and protecting petroleum and electrical systems in Colombia.
  • Operations in Afghanistan, Brazil, Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador and Mexico.


  • 44,400 sq meters of Ramp space
  • 34,000 sq meters of Hangar space
  • 1,000 sq meters Flight School Facility

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